What is Studio Arts all about?

In this study, students focus on developing an individual understanding of the stages of studio practice and learn how to explore, develop, refine, resolve and present artworks. Students explore sources of inspiration; research artistic influences develop individual ideas and explore a range of materials and techniques related to specific art forms. They develop skills and learn to safely manipulate particular characteristics and properties of materials. They investigate the way various visual effects and aesthetic qualities can be created in artworks. Students further develop their understanding of visual language. To consolidate the knowledge gained, students undertake a process of reflection and evaluation in written and visual form that is progressively recorded in a visual diary.

Students also research and analyse the ways in which artists from different times and cultures have developed their studio practice to interpret and express ideas, source inspiration and apply materials and techniques in artworks.

The exhibition of artworks is integral to Units 1 and 2 and students are encouraged to visit a variety of exhibition spaces throughout the year, reflect on the different environments and examine how artworks are presented to an audience.

This study enables students to:

    • express themselves creatively through art-making and come to understand how to support and sustain their art practice
    • develop an individual studio process, and practise and refine specialised skills appropriate to particular art forms and media selected for art-making
    • analyse and draw inspiration from the ways in which artists apply studio processes in the production of their individual artworks
    • develop an understanding of historical and cultural contexts in the production and analysis of artworks
    • develop and apply skills in visual analysis, including the use of appropriate terminology in relation to their own artwork and artists studied
    • extend their understanding of the roles and methods involved in the presentation of artworks in a range of gallery and exhibition spaces
    • develop an understanding of professional art practices related to the exhibition of artworks to an audience, including the roles and methods involved in the presentation of artworks in a range of gallery and exhibition spaces.


The study is made up of four units.

Unit 1: Studio inspiration and techniques

Outcome 1
Identify sources of inspiration and artistic influences and outline individual ideas, art forms and aesthetic qualities, and translate these into visual language.

Outcome 2
Produce at least one finished artwork and progressively record the development of their studio practice, conveying individual ideas through the exploration of materials and techniques in the selected art form/s.

Outcome 3
Discuss the artistic practice of artists from different times and cultures, their sources of inspiration, materials and techniques for at least two artworks by each artist.

Unit 2: Studio exploration and concepts

Outcome 1
Develop an individual exploration proposal to form the basis of a studio process and from this produce and document a variety of potential directions in a visual diary for at least one artwork.

Outcome 2
Compare a range of historical and contemporary art periods, styles or movements, and analyse the ways in which artists communicate ideas, develop styles and demonstrate aesthetic qualities in artworks.

Unit 3: Studio practices and processes

Outcome 1
Prepare an exploration proposal that formulates the content and parameters of an individual studio process including a plan of how the proposal will be undertaken.

Outcome 2
Present an individual studio process recorded in written and visual form that produces a range of potential directions, and reflects the concepts and ideas documented in the exploration proposal and work plan.

Outcome 3
Examine the practice of at least two artists, with reference to two artworks by each artist, referencing the different historical and cultural context of each artwork.

Unit 4: Studio practice and art industry contexts

Outcome 1
Present at least two finished artworks based on selected and evaluated potential directions developed through the studio process, which demonstrate refinement and application of materials and techniques, and that realise and communicate the student’s ideas expressed in the exploration proposal.

Outcome 2
Provide visual and written documentation that identifies and evaluates the extent to which the artworks reflect the selected potential directions, and effectively demonstrates a cohesive relationship between the works.

Outcome 3
Compare the methods used by artists and considerations of curators in the preparation, presentation, conservation and promotion of specific artworks in at least two different exhibitions.


There are no prerequisites for entry to Units 1, 2 and 3. Students must undertake Unit 3 prior to undertaking Unit 4.


Satisfactory Completion

Demonstrated achievement of the set of outcomes specified for the unit.

Levels of Achievement

Units 1 and 2

School based assessment consisting of coursework, assessment tasks and an exam

Units 3 and 4
School- assessed coursework/task and an end-of-year examination

  • Unit 3 School-assessed coursework: 5 %
  • Unit 4 School-assessed coursework: 5 %
  • Unit 3&4 School assessed Task: 60%
  • End-of-year examination: 30 %

Proposed Subject Cost

Units 1 & 2 – $60
Units 3 & 4 – $60