FAQ for Parents

Where is my child's work?

Compass is the main ‘diary’ of all work set by teachers, so students should log on every morning to check their learning for the day.  The task explanation will be on Compass but there may also be links to other online platforms as appropriate. Engagement with WebEx (online face to face teaching tool) and submission of Learning tasks is indicative of attendance. The class roll will be marked daily.

How will you monitor attendance?

Attendance is defined as students participating in their timetabled classes online. Students will be required to log on each morning for their usual period 1 class and then access their timetabled classes throughout the day (via Webex and Compass). Logging in will indicate their attendance for each of their classes

For example: A student seen to login to the online session on Webex by the teacher and engaging with the class will be marked present on Compass. A Student not responding is marked as absent.

Our Attendance officer will follow up absent students via a phone call to parents in this circumstance to ensure the fastest possible resolution process.

If the Attendance Officer has no response from the parent/s, guardian the matter will be passed onto the Year Level Coordinator.

What if my child cannot log onto the Online Platforms?

Apart from Compass, the main online platforms the College will be using are acceseed via eduPass. EduPass offers remote access to secure applications and online services offered by the Victorian Department of Education.

Linked below are documents that have simple instructions on how to access the sites.  If there is still a problem, please contact the College 9546 9066.

My child is unwell. Do they have to complete work?

Students are not expected to work if they are unwell. Please make contact with the College if your child/ren is unwell and not able to complete assigned work.

What can parents do to help students?

Provide a learning space for your child to work in and where you or a responsible adult can monitor their learning

Please regularly check in with your child/ren to see how they are going with their online learning.

Please check Compass to ensure that your chil/ren are communicating with their teachers and completing work

Encourage physical activity and/or relaxation.

Monitor how much time your child is spending online throughout the day.

My child does not understand what to do. How can they get help?

Teachers will be using school email addresses to keep in touch with classes.

Students should make sure that they use their school emails if they want to contact their teacher.  Teachers won’t reply to student’s personal email address.  Teachers and other staff will be communicating regularly with you over any period of school closure.

How do I get in contact with someone if I have a question?

Staff can be contacted via Compass.

Please respect wherever possible the school’s working hours when sending emails.  If an email is sent out of hours, it will almost certainly not be opened and responded to until working hours resume.

Please be mindful that online learning is a significant change for teachers as well as students. We will all adapt as quickly as possible, but the more enquiries we receive, the longer it will take to respond to them. If your enquiry is essential, please don’t hesitate to contact us. If it is not urgent and it can wait until we reopen, this would be even better.

  • If you need to contact one of your child’s teachers, you can email the teacher directly using Compass.

  • If you have a general ‘year group’ question, please email your child’s Year Level Coordinator on the link below.

Contact details if you need help or have any questions

  • If it is a different urgent enquiry, please email the most appropriate member of the Leadership Team.

  • Please only use one contact address at a time. Sending a message to several addresses at once is likely to slow our response rather than speed it up.

Teacher Absence

In the instance that a teacher is unavailable to take their class/es due to illness or other personal reasons, the College Daily Organiser will be notified and will host a Webex session with the class. The class will be sent a link by the Daily Organiser and students will be asked to access Webex. Students who access Webex and communicate with the Daily Organiser will be marked present for that class.

Internet Access

Students who did not have access to the Internet at home have been provided with an internet dongle for remote learning in Term 3.

Student Wellbeing

Noble Park Secondary College recognises that students may be feeling unsure, isolated and overwhelmed by changes and may need wellbeing and learning support.

Year Level Coordinators will be in communication with their Year level groups least twice a week via Compass email. Students are encouraged to communicate with their YLC if they have any concerns, queries or just feel like talking to a staff member.

Our Wellbeing team, Lynda Chapman (Wellbeing Coordinator) and Theresa Sprekos (College Nurse) will be focused on providing pastoral care for all our students and be providing advice and mental health support links. Should you need to have contact with them please contact the office and we will arrange for them to contact you.

Our Integration staff will be in regular communication with our students involved in the Program for Students with Disabilities. In addition to their teachers, PSD students will be supported with the learning by an assigned Integration aide.

Our Multicultural Ethnic Aides will provide further support to International students, particularly to those who are in Homecare and have no family with them during this difficult time.

The college will maintain their communication avenues throughout our students’ time away from school.  We also encourage parents to make contact if they note their child struggling with set work or if their wellbeing is being compromised, so we can provide relevant support.

Please use Compass to contact our school staff and for general inquiries please contact College reception 9546 9066.