Hands On Learning

Hands on Learning (HoL) at Noble Park Secondary College is an innovative education program that caters to the different ways young people learn. Two HoL artisan-teachers work collaboratively with small groups of cross-age students on authentic building projects that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school. HoL fosters strong, long-term relationships that help young people develop the skills and abilities they will need to succeed in work and life, like: collaboration, problem solving, communication, leadership, resilience and empathy.


• Increased self-esteem, motivation and confidence
• Increased knowledge of individual skills and talents
• Strengthened links between HoL students, their school and the local community
• More highly developed self-management and co-operative group skills

A program committed to creating opportunities at school for young people to discover their talents and experience success.

Our Team

Hands on Learning Team


Aaron Green

Hol Artisan & Teacher


Johnathon Loveridge

Hol Artisan

Our Team

Read below to discover the feedback from our students about the program:

“I enjoy hands on learning because you get to create things, you get to see your work and be proud of it. I get to be in my comfort zone, further develop my strengths and there is never a dull moment where things get boring”

“I love HOL because it teaches you how to cook, and helps you practice new skills you have never learned before, and you get to make new friends. The teachers are understanding and listen to what we have to say, always having us doing fun projects”.

“I love hands on learning because it provides knowledge for trade pathways, develops trade based skills that can’t be learned in the classroom”

“HOL is a different environment where it allows me to develop trade based skills applicable to real life. HOL motivates me to come to school”

“I enjoy HOL because I get to build my confidence, build stuff, challenge myself and meet students from other year levels”

“It’s helpful, you get to have fun and work hard, practice things you will need in life, working with others, completing projects, gaining experience using your hands a lot, all will make it easier to get an apprenticeship”

“I enjoy hands on learning because I enjoy learning how to operate different power tools, and also setting goals and trying to achieve them. I also like it because of our teachers they help us complete our tasks if needed, and we get to help the primary school kids with their HOL twice a term”

“I love HOL because when I build something and its put on display where people can see it, that makes me feel proud of myself and the work”

“I get to learn new skills that will help with my pathway to VCAL”

“HOL is something that I am really interested in, helping us develop skills for our future”

“I like it, because it’s hands on stuff. I get to work with people and build stuff. It makes me work physically, I enjoy it”

“I like the style of learning HOL provides”

“Hands on learning is a great way for me to learn new skills, we get to use new tools and make stuff, I love it! The teachers provide food for us, and teach us life skills”

“I love HOL, I am coming here because I want to be a bricklayer. It helps me develop the suitable skills I will need for my future”


Hands on Learning in action