24 March 2022 Noble Park

Noble Park Secondary College congratulates all our students on the fantastic results they have achieved in 2021, with so much of the last two years of your VCE studies, being via remote learning. It is a credit to you and to the support and teaching staff at Noble Park Secondary College.

Congratulations to Hayriya Abudureheman with an ATAR of 94.95.

Highlights include –

100% VCE Completion

85% of students have been offered a University place

22% of the VCE cohort finished in the top 20% of the state of more than 50,723 VCE students.

A median study score of 28

Congratulations to the class of 2021 on fantastic overall results.


The college is always extremely proud of our highest performing students but we are equally proud of all students who have achieved individual excellence by achieving their goals. Noble Park Secondary College is extremely proud of its ability to cater for all students wishing to continue on into Year 12. In some cases, a student’s result can be against extremely difficult personal circumstances.

Congratulations to all VCE students and their families, the Senior School Leadership Team and all our Year 12 teachers on providing a quality education for our students. We also thank all staff within the college who have been involved in the teaching and development of the class of 2021 over the last six years.

Thanks also to the School Leaders, Onur, Hayriya, Morokoth, Johnny and Mehran for all their support of the college through their leadership roles.

We trust students are pleased with their individual performance and that further opportunities will now be available to you so that you can pursue your goals and dreams. All the best for the years ahead and thank you for your contribution to Noble Park Secondary College. Well done!