Student Voice

Noble Park Secondary College is committed to ensuring all students are heard and experience self-worth every day in their learning.

Student voice in the classroom and within the College Community is highly recognised as being a key contributor to the improvement of student performance.  We recognise that when students are provided with the opportunity to actively shape their own learning, they remain engaged and excel in their learning.

At Noble Park Secondary College Student Voice involves students actively participating in their schools, communities, and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns, and ideas.

With the support of the Australian Institute for School Voice and Aspirations, the College has worked towards embedding Student Voice as a regular aspect of student life within the College.

Our key focus is on:

  • Understanding the Dynamics of student voice
  • Continuing to build strong relations with our students
  • Closing the gap between’ teacher versus student’ expectations to improve student learning and outcomes.
  • Creating spaces where students thrive and accept greater responsibility for their learning.

Noble Park Secondary College encourages a culture where all members of the school community value Student Voice, and leaderships in the classroom.

Students are encouraged to collaborate to problem-solve, devise higher-order questions, and contribute to the creation of a product. Students are given the opportunity to speak to the class, conduct experiments, and /or use tools to demonstrate understanding. It is encouraged that students’ writing is for an audience beyond the classroom. Students are prompted to connect what they are learning in the classroom to their lives outside of school.


Students are valued members of the school community. We develop positive relationships that foster trust and a deep connection to learn from, believe they have the ability to achieve and know their efforts and hard work are recognised and celebrated in a variety of ways—academically, personally, and socially.


The College has developed an Instructional Model which includes that assurance that students and staff are deeply involved in the learning process, showing enthusiasm and a desire to learn new things, as well as a willingness to take positive, healthy steps toward the future.


Purpose in school is fostered when students and staff take responsibility for who and what they want to become, both in terms of professional careers and by being confident, responsible members of their community.

“Students have a right to be heard. In student-focused schools, student participation goes beyond students having a voice only through their representation in an SRC or similar body.

When students meaningfully participate in decision making about their learning, they are more likely to remain involved in education and to achieve better results.”

(VicSRC, 2017)