Robotics Program

We are very pleased that our students in year 7 have the opportunity to learn new skills in digital technologies this year. We feel very fortunate in joining a select group of schools that are participating in CS in Schools program. CS in Schools is a not-for-profit initiative at RMIT University that is focused on helping schools create relevant and meaningful educational programs in digital technologies.

Our students have been learning how to write code in Python which is one of the most popular computer programming languages today. We have focused on teaching the syntax and the basic programming structures like sequencing, selection and iteration.

Our students are enjoying the course with hands-on activities where they assemble the robots with their own hands. The devices are programmable robots or microcontrollers. Students learn how to solve problems of increasing complexity, progressively adding additional functions such as the control of motors, lights, sounds and sensors.

Another focus of the program is to improve student’s skills in algorithmic thinking in order to develop techniques like linear searching and sorting.

At its essence, algorithmic thinking is thinking about how to solve a problem in a systematic way. It’s about:

    • Defining the problem clearly
    • Breaking the problem down into small, simple parts
    • Define the solution for each part of the problem
    • Implementing the solution
    • Making it efficient

Our goal is to develop and improve our student’s problem-solving skills and help them to be more confident in this field.

More than 65% of young people will work in jobs that don’t currently exist.
Learning computer science skills helps students thrive in a rapidly changing world.
Our aim is to fully engage our students and help them get the skills they need to prepare for tomorrow’s jobs.

Watch some of our Year 7 students in action!