Senior Studies

In Years 11 and 12, the focus is on helping students develop the skills they will need for tertiary education and the workforce. Students will work with teachers and parents to select a Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE),  Vocational Education Training (VET) or Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) program that best suits their skills, talents and interests.

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VCE Units 1-4


Accounting, English/ EAL, Health & Human Development, 20th Century History, Legal Studies, Literature, Media, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, Visual Communication & Design.

Mathematics, Science and Technology: 

Biology, Chemistry, Food Studies, Mathematics (General/Further Mathematics), Mathematical Method, Specialist Mathematics, Physics, Psychology.

VET Certificates

The VET program has been designed to offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in a vocational field that they may be interested in. It assists students to gain experience both in general and vocational studies which may provide a practical focus. It assists students to gain experience both in general and vocational studies which for many provides a practical focus in a range of industry areas.
Benefits of undertaking VET as part of the VCE or VCAL
Schools are able to offer senior secondary students programs selected from the range of industry areas approved by the Victorian Curriculum Assessment Authority (VCAA).
Successful completion of VET in a senior secondary program can provide students with:

  • A VCE and or VCAL certificate issued by the VCAA, and a VET certificate issued by a Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • Two statements of results issued by the VCAA giving details of units completed in the VCE and units of competency completed in the VET qualification
  • An enhanced ATAR (The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank) which can improve access to further education
  • Pathways into employment and/or further VET qualifications
  • Workplace experience including structured work placement

If you are interested in applying for a VET Course submit your application with the Careers Coordinator, Ms Vaina
Some of the courses are conducted off campus and require approval by parents and principal class.

For more information on VET Studies, you can visit the VCAA website.


The VCE VET Certificate II in Business is an entry level qualification which provides students with the knowledge and skills to enhance their employment prospects in a business or office environment. The certificate provides understanding of business fundamentals within the Australian context and will assist students to gain employment opportunities in an entry level administrative or customer service role.


The VCE VET Certificate III in Sport and Recreation provides students with the skills and knowledge that will enhance their employment prospects in the sport and recreation industries.

VCAL Foundation, Intermediate and Senior

The College runs an on-site VCAL program at the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior levels. Each VCAL award level contains Applied Learning in the following four areas of study:

Literacy and Numeracy
English and Maths
Industry Specific Skills
The program must include industry specific units from VET Certificates or VCE VET Courses
Work Related Skills
Specifically developed VCAL Work Related Units gives you the choice of undertaking either structured workplace learning or part-time apprenticeship/traineeship or part-time work.
Personal Development Skills
Specifically developed VCAL Personal Development Units. These units will help you develop better team skills, communication skills and organisational skills.

For more information on VCAL, visit the VCAA website

Senior School Team


Suzanne Menezes

Year 11 & 12 Leading Teacher


Mark Ward

Year 11 Coordinator


Mary Soumplis

Year 12 Coordinator

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