Galileo Enhancement Program

A program that enables students to expand their minds in creative and innovative ways ensuring students’ engagement and academic acceleration.

The Galileo Enhancement High Achiever Program at Noble Park Secondary College offers an enriched curriculum in English, Mathematics, Humanities, Science, and Technology geared towards extending our students through self-regulated learning.

The college is committed to developing high level academic and creative excellence and providing practical and tangible experiences to help students achieve better VCE results for University entry.

The High Achiever Program will provide a balanced, stimulating, and challenging curriculum directed at the development of students’ knowledge and skills for further study, career, and life choices by:

      • maintaining a strong academic core
      • promoting the attainment and appreciation of excellence in all areas of learning
      • teaching independent learning skills and strategies
      • providing an elective program designed to enhance and broaden skills before specialisation occurs at Years 11 and 12
      • preparing students to choose VCE subjects in Year 10.

The strong academic core and elective program are balanced by the requirement that all students involve themselves in a wide range of enrichment co-curriculum programs. These include literary, artistic, education extension, leadership, and personal development programs and competitions.

Students who show high academic aptitude and have high academic aspirations are encouraged to apply to our High Achiever program.

The aim of the Galileo High Achiever Program is for students to:

  • Develop critical thinking skills and understanding
  • Improve capacity to work with more abstract and detailed course material
  • Enhance ability to problem solve, extend analytic and creative skills
  • Successfully work as independent and cooperative learners
  • Create pathways to success for their future student and career aspirations.

Characteristics of high achieving students

  • They believe in themselves and their abilities displaying resilience and critical thinking
  • They are independent, cooperative, self-regulated and active participant in their own learning
  • They take learning risks
  • They recognise and acknowledge their strengths and talents whilst at the same time striving to improve
  • They are organised to ensure success and thus move towards attaining their goal.

Selection Criteria

Entry into the Noble Park Secondary College High Achievers’ Program is based on merit. High achieving, highly able and talented students from Year 7 are identified through a rigorous process using Online Demand Testing in Literacy and Numeracy, NAPLAN results, teacher recommendations and end of semester academic reports.

The College maintains a very high academic expectation from all students. Students are consistently encouraged to ensure that they work to their full potential. The High Achiever Co-ordinator regularly reviews the students in the program to ensure that an effective and successful program is developed and maintained to sustain a very high academic standard.  The High Achiever program does not guarantee a placement for students whose academic results do not reflect their potential.

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