Being eSmart

At Noble Park Seconday College we believe in being responsible cyber-citizens. It is expected that all members of the Noble Park  Secondary College community use technology in a manner that is responsible, civil and courteous. Students across all year levels participate in cybersafety talks, role-playing workshops and activities around cyberbullying and online behaviour.

eSmart focuses on helping young people and parents deal with things like cyberbullying, maintaining a positive digital reputation, identity theft, sexting, encountering offensive and illegal content and unwanted contact.


If you have been subject to cyberbullying you should report it to your parent/guardian and/or your Year Level Coordinator. Make sure you save evidence of the cyberbullying by taking screenshots of any incidents.

Learn about social media and eSafety at school and home

Use the links below to learn more about services you (or your children) use and how to stay safe with them. There are also resources to learn what to do if things go wrong.

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